A Marriage Proposal Guide for the Modern, Clueless Man

Sass & Balderdash

I’m no engagement expert, but I’m starting to feel like one thanks to everyone I’ve ever known on social media getting married, making babies, and buying houses whose square footage and stainless steel appliances convince me they were purchased with Monopoly money or a generous cosign from mom and dad. Most of the time, getting engaged sets the wheels in motion for a lot of major life events. Getting married is a stop sign space on the Game of Life board for crying out loud.

There’s a lot of pressure on guys to make the proposal special and thoughtful, and some of these modern, clueless gentlemen aren’t rising to the occasion. I’ve a few theories on what constitutes a good proposal in 2015 and what’s gotten old, but I also wanted to talk to several other women about their proposal preferences. I’ve compounded my findings and present to you, A Marriage Proposal…

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